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Tack and turnout for rallies

The following information is to help you gain points at rallies for the tack and turnout competition which runs throughout the year. Please try to abide by the code of dress and turn out your pony or horse to the best of your ability. No points will be awarded if your mother did it!


Pony Club sweatshirt with Pony Club polo shirt/white shirt and Pony Club tie. Beige, cream, navy or black jodhpurs are acceptable please no other colours or designs, (not pink, not checked, not even white!). Brown or black jodhpur boots, matching half chaps (no fringes) or gaiters if desired, or long riding boots. No muckers! No jewellery except watches. Hair should be contained in a hair net. Hats need to be tagged to meet current safety standards. Gloves to be black, brown, navy or cream. If weather is bad, wear a plain dark-coloured riding jacket or coat.


Should be clean and in good condition - no loose stitching - and be a good fit. Plain numnahs (black, brown, navy, white) with no logos or coloured braiding/stitching. Martingales need rein stoppers and a stopper where the martingale meets the neck strap. Bridging reins (e.g. Carol Mailer's) for show jumping only. Stirrups must be the correct size for the rider’s foot, i.e. with a gap either side of the boot. Reins must not be so long that they hang in a loop near the rider’s foot. Spurs can only be worn with the DC's permission except for members who have passed their B test.

Ponies and Horses

Well groomed with no visible stable stains. Manes and tails should be brushed out and tidy. Eyes and nostrils should be clean. Hooves picked out.

We would like the tack and turnout prizes to go to members who have done all the hard work themselves.

Finally, on a point of Health and Safety, would all spectators at PC rallies and events please keep at a safe distance. We understand that you want to watch your child, but keeping everyone safe is a major concern, especially at cross country rallies. Parents, please keep your spectating children out of harm's way and under your watchful eye. If possible, keep to a fence line and be aware of the activity of other rides around you. Thank you.

Hat Tagging

Before you can ride at any Pony Club activity or competition, your hat must be tagged to show it conforms to current Pony Club standards.

All hats must bear the CE mark and one of the following symbols -

BSI kitemark (with relevant number)

Snell E2001 with number

SAI Global symbol

Body Protectors