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Area 6 Information

In order to find out what is happening in Area 6 competition-wise. Burghley Members are advised to visit The Area 6 website on the main Pony Club website. www.pcuk.org. The Area website now contains full listings and information of what is happening within the Area and is updated regularly with schedules and news.

Area/Regional Dressage, Eventing and Show Jumping 20182018

To all Burghley Members, please find below details of this year's Area and Regional Competitions. Areas and Regionals are held once a year and The Burghley have a great record in these competitions. As a branch we like to send as many of our members as possible to these competitions as long as they meet the criteria both The Pony Club and the branch set.

All members must have renewed their membership by February 28th 2018. (New members to Pony Club must have joined by March 31st 2018.) All members must have attended three rallies since July 1st 2017 - one of which must have been in 2018 - Camp 2017 also counts as one Rally. As training sessions are non selective they are also classed as rallies now. All members must have competed and completed in competition at a similar level to that which they wish to be considered for.

Members who have transferred to The Burghley Branch from another branch within the last 14 months may compete at the Areas but only as an individual and not in teams. This does not apply to Regionals where they may be selected for teams.

The Burghley Branch welcome interest for competing at Area/Regionals from all our members and we will be sending teams and individuals in Dressage, Eventing and Show Jumping. We also participate in Tetrathlon, but please contact Laura Leicester directly for details of this discipline.

Show Jumping - Classes are as follows ;

Regionals - 80cms first round, 85cms second round.

Novice - 90cms first round, 95cms second round.

Intermediate - 100cms first round, 105cms second round

Open - 110cms first round, 115cms second round

Dressage - Classes are as follows;

Regionals - Grassroots Dressage Test 2016

Novice - Novice Dressage Test 2009

Intermediate - Intermediate Dressage Test 2013

Open - Open Dressage Test 2015

Eventing - Open to be hosted by The Burghley on July 1st at Burghley Park. Regional, PC90 AND PC100 - at                             Rolleston, Market Harborough on July 14th & 15th hosted by The Fernie Branch.

Regionals - 80cms

PC90 - 90cms

PC100 - 100cms

Open - 110cms

(For Open, qualification may be made for Championships 2018 in three ways, either direct qualification at Area competition, completion of 2 PC Open Events or completion of 4 BE Novice Events - please contact me for further clarification if you are unsure of the new rules.)

All Regionals competitions qualify for The Regional Final at Keysoe on September 8th & 9th  2018. (Regionals this year have both team and individual qualifiers.) All other classes qualify for The Pony Club Championships to be held at Chomondeley Castle, Cheshire running from August 17th - 21st 2018.

Unfortunately there are quite a few rules and regulations on what classes you can do across the disciplines but if you have any questions just email me. There are no age limits at any level.

PLEASE EMAIL ME AT dc@burghleyponyclub.co.uk BY MONDAY MAY 22nd  STATING WHICH CLASSES IN WHICH DISCIPLINE YOU WISH TO BE CONSIDERED FOR. PLEASE DO NOT WORRY IF YOU HAVE NOT FULFILLED ALL THE ENTRY CRITERIA BY THAT DATE AS THAT CAN BE DONE AFTERWARDS. Don't be shy in coming forwards, Areas and Regionals are great fun and a wonderful experience. For some it can be valuable experience at competing at such a level for later years. Applications will not necessarily guarantee an Area or Regional entry.


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