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14th May 2017 Jump Cross


Seven of our members have been training

hard for their C test since January and all

seven of them passed with flying colours

on Wednesday 16th April.  The examiner

commented that they were all very well

prepared, beautifully turned out and

extremely polite.  Very well done to all

f you.  The group was Margaux Cardew,

Sophie Golland, Katie Mulhern, Sofia

Welch, Katie Webster, Elisha Beehoo and

Saorise Mason (not pictured).  A huge

thanks to Emily Cullum for the training,

Cathie Lammie for the testing, and Patrick

for presenting the certificates.  


To five of our members who passed their Road Rider Test on 26th April at Sissons Farm Equestrian. Margaux Cardew, Lilly Dodds, Sophie Golland, Saorise Mason and Teigan Cairnie. Thanks to Di Strickland and Cathy Scott.

If anyone else would like to do their Road Rider test then please get in contact with

Di Strickland.



Parents and members are advised that there are some considerable changes coming into acceptable hats shortly which may well have an effect if they are considering buying a new hat this year.

The European Union is withdrawing hats marked (BS)EN1384 from its approved list.

The Pony Club will therefore not allow any hats marked (BS)EN1384

after the 31st December 2015.

All current hats with this standard will remain on purple hat tags for this year.

Hats with PAS015, Snell 2001 and AS/NZS 3838 must be retagged during the year

with the new white hat tag.

From 1st January 2016 only white tagged hats will be acceptable.

Members should check their hats this year to see if they must purchase a new approved one before the start of next year.

There may well be a number of (BS)EN1384 hats on sale at a great

bargain but they will only be permissible within Pony Club for the remainder of this year.

If anyone is uncertain of this new ruling please do visit The Pony Club website for further information or consult a member of The Burghley Pony Committee.  

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