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Burghley members are welcomed by both the Cottesmore and Fitzwilliam Hunts.

All members may hunt at specific Children’s Meets, but should take their Hunting Test in order to hunt unaccompanied.

Hunting Etiquette

  1.  If possible ride about 15 minutes to the meet. A fresh pony won’t be quite so lively after a break

  1. When at the meet, please go to the Masters and hunt staff to say “good morning”. If they are talking, don’t worry – at least you’ve  tried! They may be discussing the days events with the landowner.

  1. Find Clare Bell ( the secretary) and pay your cap. The money should be in a named envelope.

  1. Correct hunting dress for PC members under 18 is a blue or black velvet hat cover. Hairnets for girls in a neat bunch. White shirt with PC tie. Tweed jacket. Beige jodhpurs and black or brown jodhpur boots. Everything should be clean and polished.

  1. If confident enough to be upfront please allow the Master a bit of space. If you see a gate ahead of you please use your initiative and go ahead and open it.

  1. If you have a problem with a hunt jump DO NOT keep cutting in and upsetting others that are able to jump. Wait until many have gone and try to get a good lead.

  1. Gate shutting is now a definite for the regular PC children. Please practice getting on and off at home. I hear  too many excuses from people saying they can’t do gate because they can’t get back on. What happens if you fall off!!

  1. String and a small penknife in your pocket are always useful. Most importantly, bring a bar of chocolate.

  1. A green ribbon on a horse’s tail means that it is a young horse and may kick. A red ribbon means that it is likely to kick. Be very wary of both. Try not to canter straight into the back of a horse as this could mean cutting into their hind legs.

  1. When going through a gate and you hear the previous person shouting “gate please” keep the message running to the back of the line field. This helps the gate shutter know whether to shut the gate or not.

  1. If going over a small bridge keep in sight of the person following you. If you suddenly disappear the following horse may speed up and slip on the bridge.

  1. When going around a seed field please keep close to the hedge line as possible.

  1. When hounds are coming towards you in a tight space make sure your pony’s head is facing towards them. We don’t want hounds being kicked.

  1. When you hear “whip/huntsman on the left” try to clear the way for him. He is trying to do his job.

  1. At the end of the day please say “goodnight” and “thank you” to the Masters and hunt staff if they are close by when you leave