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20th Sept 2017 Jump Cross

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Burghley PC

Tetrathlon 2017

Saturday 28th and 29th October


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Riding, Running, Shooting and Swimming - these are the four areas that make up one of the Pony Club's most testing yet popular competitions, requiring members to have fitness, determination and mental strength to complete all four disciplines.

Tetrathlon Competitions are arranged by many branches and are generally split into three categories :

Minimus Boys and Girls - 8-11 Years

Junior Boys and Girls - 14 Years and under

Senior/Open Boys and Girls- 25 Years and under

For each discipline you are awarded a maximum 1000 points except for the riding phase which is 1400 points (achieved by a clear round in the time limit!)


In order to compete in tetrathlon you will have to practise and train at doing the best you can in the following :


Minimus - swim as far as you can in 2 mins

Senior/Open Girls and Juniors - swim as far as you can in 3 mins

Senior/Open Boys - swim as far as you can in 4 mins


Minimus - run 1000 metres in 4 mins

Junior Boys and Girls - run 1500 metres in 5 mins 40 secs

Senior/Open Girls - run 1500 metres in 5 mins 20 secs

SEnior/Open Biys - run 3000 metres in 10 mins 30 secs


Using a hand held pistol

Senior/Open Boys and Girls - 2 Targets (5 shots per target) at a range of 10 metres

Junior and Minimus Boys and Girls - 2 Targets (5 shots per target) at a range of 7 metres


Cross Country Courses that feature a hand gate that has to be open and closed whilst mounted and a slip rail that you must dismount and lead your pony/horse over.Max Heights

Senior/Open - 3 Ft 6"

Junior - 3 Ft

Minimus - 2 Ft 6 "

Training sessions will be held in all four disciplines over the winter with detail appearing here soon.


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