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Pre ODE Rally

Location: Burghley Park (Station Rd entrance)

Date: 28/6/19

Time: From 5.30pm

Cost: £16

Organiser - Judy Turner

Confidentially jumping  -  85cm. 2009 Body Protectors are COMPULSORY. Martingale, breastplate or neckstrap compulsory.

Long sleeves to be worn. There are limited places so a wait list will be used if necessary

Closing date is 12th June. 

Please submit Rally Form and the make payment via the Paypal tab on the Home Page.


Junior Event Training

Location: Burghley Pony Club Fields

Date: 30/4/19



Time: 5.30pm

Cost: £15 per person per session

Organiser - Victoria Bignell

These sessions will be split into half dressage test practice and half jumping exercises. They are for members aiming at branch level 1&2 eventing, confidently jumping 60-75cm, the jumping will be over the plastic XC fences

Please submit Rally Form and the make payment via the Paypal tab on the Home Page.


Eventing Training 80cms plus

Location: Burghley Park (Pilsgate Lodge entrance)

Date: 25/4/19




Time: 6.00pm to 7.30pm

Cost: £15 per session

Organiser - Patrick Campbell

Evening Eventing Training for those competently jumping PC 80,90,100 or 110. The sessions will be 45 minutes flatwork for all and 45 minutes either Show Jumping or Cross Country (the plastic Arena Eventing style jumps.) Places are limited within the height groupings. 

Closing date is one week before rally date. 

Please submit Rally Form and the make payment via the Paypal tab on the Home Page.


Please email the following Team Managers if you wish to be considered for an Area Place -

PC80 - Patrick Campbell - dc@burghleyponyclub.co.uk

PC90 - Patrick Campbell - dc@burghleyponyclub.co.uk

PC100 - Julie Mulhern - juliemulhern23@gmail.com

PC110 - Judy Turner - Judith.turner101@yahoo.co.uk


About Eventing

Do you enjoy Eventing ? Have you ever had a go at Eventing ? Are you ready to move up to the next stage in Eventing ? Please find below details of all Pony Club Eventing which is offered by The Burghley Branch.

Eventing consists of three phases - Dressage, Show Jumping and the all important Cross Country.

Level 1 Eventing is all about encouraging riders and their ponies. The dressage test requires that you can walk, trot and canter on both reins in control and be accurate.The Show Jumping is at a height of 60cms with two fences at 65cms. The Cross Country has a maximum height of 60cms and is not timed.

PC80 Eventing has the same dressage tests as Level 1 but expects riders to be showing more understanding of their ponies working correctly. The Show Jumping is at a height of 80cms with two fences at 85cms. The Cross Country has a maximum height of 80cms and is not timed.

PC90 Eventing starts to get more technical. In the dressage riders are expected to have their ponies going in a correct outline and perform slightly more difficult movements. The Show Jumping is at a height of 90cms with 2 fences at 95cms. The Cross Country has a maximum height of 90cms, and a speed of 435 metres per minute.

PC100 Eventing is a level higher than Novice, Level 3.  The dressage test is slightly more technical, but the basics are the same, impulsion, submission and harmony.  The Show Jumping course is at a height of 1m, with 2 fences at 1.05m.  The Cross Country has a maximum height of 1m, and a speed of 450 metres per minute, (Novice is 435 metres per minute), with more variety and technicality than  Novice.

PC110 Eventing is the top level in Pony Club.  A more advanced dressage test than Intermediate, the Show Jumping height is at 1.10, with 2 fences at 1.15m, and usually includes a treble.  The Cross Country is also bigger, up to 1.10m and often longer in distance with a faster speed required, 520 metres per minute.

We in Area 6 are extremely lucky with out Cross Country courses.  Several of our neighbouring branches hold their Senior One Day Events at British Eventing courses, which enables us to gain valuable experience in the lead up to our Area competition in August.

For Level's 1 and 2 watch the website for details of rallies at Pickworth and Ketton etc for Juniors and Minis.